The 7 Types of Visuals on LinkedIn

Have you noticed that visuals have taken over your LinkedIn status update pages? If you’re too busy or impatient (or both) to scroll through all of them, I’ve saved you the time. You’re welcome.

As a value-added service, I’ve also rated their LinkedInability rating from 1 to 5 (1 means “must disappear ASAP” and 5 means “bring it on”). Note: The names behind the graphics are not revealed to protect the innocent (and in some cases, the embarrassment).

#1 The “If I See This Cliché One More Time ..”

I get it, LinkedIn is work-related so a lot of visuals spread around have to do with that. It’s a no-brainer. What’s odd to me is how many times I see the same thing posted by different people again and again and wonder: hasn’t every single person on LinkedIn come across this already? Sure I can hide the post, but the damage is done. Can’t unsee.

LinkedInability: 1

#2 Weird and Inappropriate Sh*t

Admittedly I am connected to a few folks who put out some pretty unLinkedIn-like graphics, which always get my attention, for better or worse, but I have to question their judgement. For the record, here’s how I decide about posting on LinkedIn…with one simple question: Would I ever bring this topic up in a work convo? If the answer is “no,” it’s a non-starter. Most of these types of posts are more suited for Facebook or fodder for when out for drinks with friends. Common sense dictates you might not want to discuss things like politics, religion, and bodily functions in a professional environment–just sayin’. In fact, someone felt strongly enough about this to create a graphic to make the point.

LinkedInability: 2 (should be a 1 but it spices up my status update feed)

#3 The Clever Cad

 I don’t see these types of visuals as often as #1 unfortunately, but when I do, I do so enjoy them and might even learn a thing or two. These graphics tend to be commentary or educationalsmart, funny, and can have a long shelf life. Bonus points: these  visuals can be shared on your social platforms to impress colleagues with your perceived wit and content curation skills.

LinkedInability: 5

#4 The Senseless Graphic or Venn Diagram

There is something about a circle with words and boy, add those arrows and kapow! These types of posts look, feel, and act  impressive even if conveying obvious or useless information. Let’s face it, visuals trump text every time. But the truth is, most of these chart, diagrams, and assorted data drivel say much ado about nothing…or do they? I’ll get back to you after studying with more coffee and wait for that “aha” moment.

LinkedInability: 2

#5 I am LinkedIn LION, Hear Me Roar

When I first saw term “LinkedIn LION” years ago, I knew it meant at least one thing: you have helluvalot of connections. Turns out this is actually an acronym stands for LinkedIOpen Networker. This means you have 500+ connections and according to this how-to be a LION article,  “…(a LION) will connect with almost anyone on LinkedIn regardless of whether they know, trust, or even respect the person.” Really? You don’t respect them but will connect? Yikes. LinkedIn’s Help Center’s less-than-flattering definition of LION makes its opinion known. Even so, that big kitty sure gets around on the site and it’s pretty majestic as most lions are. It’s like the unofficial LinkedIn mascot that’s not endorsed by it (very edgy)

LinkedInability: 3

#6 The Magnificent Meme

When used properly, memes will not just get attention but make you think, or even better, laugh. For some reason Liam Neeson and LinkedIn have a special bond (OK, the secret’s out, it’s the Taken movie franchise). Since Liam has one of the most viral memes on LinkedIn, those smart marketers at 20th Century Fox seized on this popularity by having him “endorse your particular set of skills” as part of its social media promotional campaign for Taken 3.
LinkedInability: 4

#7 The Cheesy Stock Photography Club

Let’s face it, we are all tempted by the stock photography devil . It’s like when we’re really hungry and we drive by that sad Burger King. It’s quick, easy, and no one will know the better. But pictures don’t lie, since at least 100 other lazy people will use the same exact image on that same day (and maybe even on the same site). But that doesn’t stop this annoying habit. Sure, it’s not as many calories as fast food, but you’ll hate yourself just as much the next day.

LinkedInability: 1

So there you have it… By no means is this an exhaustive list of LinkedIn visuals posts -there are more out there to lasso: The Humblebrag, the Useless Treasure Trove, and WTH is This? Most importantly however, right now, is deciding which image will accompany this post on your status updates.

LinkedInability: TBD


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